Friday, November 16, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. There's nothing like glancing at an already published post and noticing the word youself (among other overlooked errors). Youself! Youself! When a three-year-old lisps it? So cute. But a forty-eight-year-old English teacher? Not so much.

(And now Blogger's spell check feature appears to be kaput, which clearly isn't going to help my already challenged proofreading skills.)

2. You know what's funnier than a three-year-old girl blocking the doorway and announcing, "I'm a grumpy old troll, and you can't get across my bridge"? A three-year-old girl with laryngitis growling the same line and sounding a bit like Bob Dylan.

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind . . .

3. Our bathroom redo is done. I'm sure there are no type-A personalities among my humble readership who will fritter away part of a valuable day searching the archives to find out precisely when we began this endeavor. Suffice it to say, it's been a l-o-n-g time. My only regret? I really should have taken before pictures because you can't fully appreciate how nice this looks not having seen the original bathroom. Beat with the ugly stick, it was. Beat hard.

4. John found a lizard. In the house. He was thrilled.

5. Mothers of daughters are probably familiar with American Girl products. How can you not be? I swear the company has some sort of influence with the Department of Vital Statistics. No sooner have you cut the cord on a baby girl than the American Girl catalogue is dispatched to your mailbox.

Unapologetic materialism, shameless commercialism, and, oh, so very much fun!

Mind you, we have not actually purchased anything from American Girl, but the catalogue's arrival sparks quite a lot of excitement 'round these parts. A new one arrived yesterday. Ainsley and I were forced to put aside more pressing matters (dinner, homework) and have, as she calls it, "a tea set" along with a quick look through the catalogue. Given Ainsley's froggy voice, I thought the tea would be helpful.

 She picked up the creamer, drank the milk, and skipped the tea. Too fun. Too, too fun.

6. Froggy and I were going to watch Mary Poppins tonight while Tim is at basketball and the middle two are star gazing with Dave and the Astronomy Club of Augusta. Froggy has conked out on me.

7. And this will have to be Six Quick Takes cuz that's all I've got tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, tell Dave to let us know about the star gazing thing. Our boys would love it! And that's when Nicholas proposed to me - out star gazing. ~Laura A.

Kelly said...

How sweet is that! I'm still impressed that Nick never spilled the beans on my tirade that he overheard. A good man you have!

Kris said...

My daughter, who is now 23, has 3 American Girl dolls (gifted from a doting grandma!) and STILL has them. Won't throw or give anything away. So, costly though they are, they are definitely a keeper! You should bring her to Atlanta when she's a bit older and go the the American Girl Store here! Never been (my 4 boys won't step foot!) but I hear it's neat.

Kelly said...

Kris, I thought you had all boys. Glad you got a girly fix, too. American Girls are on the list when Ainsey gets to an age when I'm sure she won't shave their heads or color their faces blue.

Happy Thanksgiving!