Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick Takes

Seven Quick Takes

1. Folks, we are three field trips, seven lunches, and two detentions away from Summer Vacation!

2. This is a good thing because I, for one, can no longer maintain a grasp on a pace of life that since mid-April has been nothing short of frenetic. A recent conversation serves as a case in point:

Tim: Mom, are you coming to school?

Me: Are you sick?

Tim: It's 3:10.

Alrighty then.

3. This time of year reminds me of the last weeks of pregnancy. Labor, delivery, and weeks of no sleep with a newborn all add up to No Big Deal compared to being pregnant for another ten minutes. Scorching temperatures, soaring humidity, loose structure, squabbling kids: Bring it on, I say! As long as I don't need to pack another lunch.

4. That last point completely ignores the reality that we do, in fact, eat during the summer. We actually eat more. And at different times. And anytime these inconvenient truths rear their ugly heads, I say,"Back under rock, troll! Let me enjoy this fantasy a little longer!"

5. Times they are a changin' at our school in terms of summer work. In years past, it was a matter of having the older kids tackle a few books and being encouraged to read aloud with the little ones. Not so, this year. All three boys will come home with an ambitious packet of summer work. I've always been in favor of this. Now I have the added benefit of being able to blame it on someone else.

6. We popped in on the Spring Dance Saturday night and Wow! was that something to watch. Kids I've known since birth in formal wear and floor length gowns. We returned home to get a Bad Report on one John Patrick who had this to say for himself: Ainsley was asleep, but I wanted her to watch a show with me. So I kicked her. But it didn't work.


7. And now I'm off to Monkey Joe's and McDonald's with the kindergarten. Whooo weee!

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Kris said...

Two detentions? I want to hear about that! And I was 15 minutes late picking up one from LifeTeen last night and he was the LAST kid in the parking lot. The last. Bless his heart, he didn't even attempt to call my cell phone until I was almost there. He gets it. I am two finals and a couple of spelling and grammar odds and ends from summer break. Woot!