Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Reading

A mathematical/analytical type could have a laugh aligning my posts about used books stores, Amazon, and Goodwill and those more emotional rants about clutter, de-cluttering, detachment, hand-wringing, and discontentment.

There's a correlation, not doubt, but I'm too busy perusing my stack of finds to ponder it for long.

Yesterday afternoon was short on peace and long on I Have Nothing To Do. Yes, we had just hit the one week mark on summer vacation, and apparently there wasn't a book to read, a game to play, a ball to kick, a friend to see.

(Note: There was no shortage of electronic games to play and as for kicking, siblings are always far more diverting than soccer balls.)

We hit the used book store late this morning. Here's our haul:

1. Ender in Exile 
2. The Invisible Detective 
3. Here Comes Charlie Brown
4. Out of the Silent Planet
5. The Tempest 
6. The Magic Tree-house: Polar Bears Past Bedtime
7. The Magic Tree-house: Christmas in Camelot
8. Dora Loves Boots.
9. Artemis Fowl

Cost: $33.00. Absolute silence on the drive home: priceless.

Tim and I are planning to read The Tempest out loud to each other. We'll see if we make it past Act I. Signing off  now . . . C.S. Lewis awaits.


Kris said...

My oldest son LOVED the C.S. Lewis space trilogy. Hope you enjoy it! And we're having the same boredom issue around here - although no shortage of electronic desire. Except for the mean mother who won't let them live on it all day.

Kelly Dolin said...

Mean mothers unite!

Kris said...

We should start a club.