Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five Favorites

Hallie over at Moxie Wife is collecting Five Favorites. As Christmas is starting to come to mind, here are five of the bests gifts we've ever given or received:

1. Rip-stick - Awesome.

2. Tin tea set. The single best girly-gift ever. So fun. Unbreakable.

3. Legos - Pretty much any set. Better yet, forget the set. Purchase one of the large building platforms, and let them at it.

4. Legos Mindstorm - When they've gone beyond Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Legos Mindstorm is a great way for them to keep building while also adding in technology and computer programming. Tim produced a rocking science fair project with this.

5. Wooden Trains - Limitless hours -- nay, years! -- of fun


Kris said...

My 15-year old has a rip stick. Loves it. And it's so fun to watch him do it. Because I can't....!

Tim Dolin said...

Yeah, Kris. Adults on Ripsticks? The near occasion of physical therapy. Apparently the latest fad is The Penny Board. Have to check into this.