Thursday, October 24, 2013


So it's Theme Thursday over at Clan Donaldson, and this week's theme is W. 

Here's Woody (made of Legos):

Here's Winter (Augusta's last big snow storm):

Here's Who (the coolest and easiest Pinewood Derby car the Dolins ever fabricated):

And Water or Winner:

Head over to Cari's to add your photos.


Madeline said...

I am not even a Dr. Who person, but that is a sweet Pinewood Derby car. For real.

Natalie said...

Nice "w" pics!

Rebekah Es said...

The car is fantastic! Wow, seriously well done. And congrats to the little swimmer!

Lisa said...

TARDIS for the win!!!

Cari Donaldson said...

Oh my gosh. I wonder if I can convince any of the scouts in my house to do that TARDIS car this year?

Kelly Dolin said...

The awesome thing about the Tardis is that it's basically a rectangle and all one color. No curves. No thin strip of red. No gold fenders. Easy.

(Though not especially fact).

Kelly Dolin said...

I meant fast. Grrr.