Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Science: It's Just Not Fair"

If you heard periodic thudding over the last three days, you can thank Tim and his partner for taking out a forest or two in pursuit of a great science fair project. Anyone who thinks computers were really going to lead to a paperless environment has never tangled with the science fair. Google "Dave Barry Science Fair" to find a humorous look at this annual event.

The damage to my house is more than your standard camping trip, but less than the Pinewood Derby. The price tag is blessedly lower than either of these other events, although I'm sure the ink is running low on the printer given the amount of colored graphics.

Tim is happy to report that his data clearly proves that handheld gaming devices heighten mental acuity, or in sixth grade lingo, make you do better on math tests. I remain a skeptic.

I'm interested in a study that compares a mother's blood pressure at the height of the mess and two hours after said mess is cleaned up.

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