Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Small Successes

Danielle Bean encourages mothers to encourage each other. Here are my great achievements:

1. I finished Kolbe's prayer shelf. He's wanted this for ages.

2. As part of the "Forty Bags for Forty Days" campaign, I pitched Don't Break the Ice. Two minutes of set up followed by 30 seconds of fun and three days of finding ice cubes hidden under furniture. Not quite as bad as Kerplunk which was both a mess and a choking hazard. Good riddance, but, as Danielle would say, don't tell the kids.

3. I burned 13 years worth of blessed palms. They were hanging off of half the pictures in the house. While chatting with our pastor, I asked if they were blessed (they are) and how to get rid of them as well as all the rosaries the Archbishop of Northern Alaska sends to us. You burn or bury blessed objects, but I was assured that the free rosaries can be tossed.


ViolinMama said...

Good job on the 40 bags!! Games are a good idea if they are just cluttering up places. And Wow, I learned something with #3. Thanks!


Farmer's City Wife said...

LOL!!! I laughed pretty hard at #2 and #3.

Every picture frame in my house has a dried up palm behind it. I always miss the church's call for blessed palms for Ash Wednesday, and I always feel guilty about throwing away rosaries (or medals or crucifixes) from obscure missionaries seeking $$.

Great week! Thanks for the laughs.

Kelly said...

Thanks for your comments.

I always wonder about holy cards and all sorts of religious items. When they start to take over, it's time to pare down.

I think I'm hovering around 12 bags. I've been distracted by medical issues that trump deep cleaning.

Heather Raven said...

I buried all my blessed objects around my house. I figure it offers extra protection. In particular I buried stuff under my kids windows. Now to get started on those bags.

Patti Doughty said...

Great idea, Heather. I, too, have palms dating back pre-Daelyn. We tried one year to burn them ourselves, but it's not easy to accomplish. I never knew I could bury them - I'll have to give that a try.