Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1. John is recruiting Jedi. Is Jedi both singular and plural? Anyway ... he spent a morning carrying two light sabers and begging anyone and everyone - including Ainsley - to "fight a me."

2. I am reflecting on the pluses and minuses of raising kids with large age gaps. John is enamored with Sesame Street while Kolbe is going around singing - cue Elmo's song - "Elmo hates his goldfish, his crayons, too! That's Elmo's world."

3. I'm wondering if John may be color blind. According to him, everything in the house is greent. The blue flashlight, my red coat, brown sweater? All greent. Color-blindness runs in my family, so I wonder...

4. Tim and his science fair partner head to the regional competition tonight!

5. I've decided that eight is a terrific age. Kolbe - broken arms and all - is kind, funny, affectionate, and blissfully uncomplicated. He sleeps better than the little people and has a whole lot less homework than the older one. If only a light saber and a chocolate malt could cure all that ails us.

6. One of kids had given up sweets for Lent, but recently renegotiated his penance. He, who may or may not be grouchy most mornings, offered to greet the day cheerfully instead of foregoing desserts. I wholeheartedly agreed. So far so good.

7. As I type this, I am hearing a wide variety of - How shall I put this? - bodily noises being generated from a table load of boys. I would get supremely irritated but one of said boys just came in and put his arms around me for no particular reason. Gotta love 'em.

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