Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two Going on Sixteen

So we're trying to iron out a few undesirable behaviors in a certain toddler with big, brown eyes.

"Catch your child doing the right thing," say the experts. "Say 'yes' as much as you can."

John loves to "dwive." He sits behind the wheel, presses all the buttons, attempts to blow the horn (which, thankfully, some wise engineer made difficult for toddler fingers), adjusts the mirrors, etc.

Dave always lets John dwive whereas I have visions of the dwiver abandoning the vehicle and heading for the street. Today, in the spirit of saying "yes" as often as possible, I put John in the dwiver's seat.

While I expected to hear "welcome!" or "hurray!", John's response was much more logical: I get da keys, Mama.

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