Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Hundred and Four Days of Summer Vacation . . .

School has come along just to end it.

Bags? Packed
Uniforms? Spiffy
Boys? Resigned
Mom? Ready

All systems are go. We are short one flexible ruler and a bunch of book covers.

I informed Tim that this year we will forego the snazzy, nylon books covers and instead embrace old school tactics, i.e. brown paper grocery bags.

"You're kidding, right" he asked, giving me a look that was equal parts disbelief and panic.

No, I am not kidding. These new-fangled devices fail on two counts:

1. They are ridiculously over-priced.
2. They fall off.

The nice lady at Kroger handed me a thick stack of grocery bags free of charge. We will cut and tape this afternoon. Time for a trip down memory lane when algebra books sported not a shiny bunch of Nascar racers but a plain grocery bag perfect for scribbling dreamy comments about Shawn Cassidy and sketches of Nadia Comanici on a balance beam.

In the meantime, the house is quiet except for the soft thump of Ainsley's knees as she makes her way through the house. My girl and I are enjoying the serenity.


Nicole said...

Some of my favorite memories are decorating brown paper book covers. With pens and highlighters, I was set!

Anonymous said...

In high school, the initial assignment is covering textbooks with brown paper bags - a lesson in following instructions. Maybe the embarrassment will be lessened by knowing they're doing what the high school kids do?

Kelly said...

Nicole - Me too.

Anon - I can only hope.

Tim came home yesterday and reiterated the point that we need real book covers. I am hoping that once he sees the possibilities, he'll find it fun.

I'd use the new ones if they worked well. It's just hard to get a good fit.

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