Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

Rachel tagged me to list ten little known facts about yours truly. Thanks, Rachel! Here goes:

1. My husband and I met and married in Augusta, but grew up eight miles apart in suburban Detroit. We had the same French teacher in high school, attended the same university, and even worked in the same place one summer.

2. My childhood dream was to be a journalist.

3. I have a pathological fear of snakes. I don't even like typing the word snake. John just arrived home with an art project that had a rubber worm stapled to it. I jumped when I unfolded it.

4. I love reading children's and adolescent literature. When I'm exhausted or anxious I reread The Chronicles of Narnia or The Little House books. Tim and I fight over books all the time.

5. C.S. Lewis is my favorite writer.

6. My favorite household job is washing floors. My least favorite is ironing.

7. When I read the Sunday paper in the Fall, I grab the sports section, check on the Wolverine's last game, scan the top 25 to see how they're doing, and conclude my ritual with a groan.

8. When I read the paper the other six days of the week, I grab the sports section, check the forecast on the back page, and conclude my ritual with a groan.

9. My parents now live on an island in Canada.

10. Sixth grade was the worst year of my life for many reasons. The bright spot was going fishing with my Dad almost every Saturday of the Fall of 1976.

I tag: Amy, Karen, and Michelle.

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Amy Parris said...

I'll get to this one day...I will. Thanks for the tag:)