Thursday, September 02, 2010

Small Successes


Join the women at Faith and Family Live! as we encourage each other in the great and arduous task of motherhood. Here are the highlights from our week:

1. I have made a huge dent in sifting through closets and drawers to make room for Scout and school uniforms. The great clothing upheaval is one of my least favorite jobs. I'm happy to be nearly done. (Maybe that's why I don't like it. I'm always nearly done, never actually done.)

2. In a similar vein, I've been doing a deep excavation of the hampers and the pile 'o shame that is our laundry basket. There stagnate shorts missing a button, baby clothes that I don't feel like hauling to the attic, pants I really will fit into once again one day really soon, etc..

(Do you use two periods when you end a sentence with etc.? I have always wondered.)

Dave had been wondering where all his dressy slacks had run off to. Lo and behold, I uncovered the mother lode. I swear he hasn't been going off to work in sweats or his bathing suit, so there must be one tired pair of khakis that's been working triple overtime. Problem solved.

3. I have spent hours hammering away at our schedule for the fall. It looks like I will have an expanded role in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd this year. I am soliciting prayers for more catechists, more adult volunteers, and a committed babysitter for Ainsley and John while I teach.

What have you been doing?


JJ's Mom said...

Great list! My husband was just inquiring where several pairs of his pants were when the dry cleaners called to see if we were going to come pick up our clothes...oh yeah, I took a huge batch to the cleaners when he was out of town so they would be ready when he got home. Too bad that was 4 weeks ago!

(PS-check your link at Faith and Family...I think/know you have had a typo the last two weeks)

Kelly said...

Thanks, JJ's Mom. I don't know what I did wrong, but clearly something was amiss.

I, too, have fished a few items out of long term storage at the cleaner's.

Clothes, clothes, clothes - it doesn't end!