Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Things Add Up

I lay a slumbering Ainsley in her crib and cringe as I remember how squeaky her bedroom door has become. To my surprise, it opens and closes soundlessly.

I zip across town late! late! late! and cringe as I remember I'm driving on fumes. I glance at the gas gauge and see that the tank is full.

I stumble into the kitchen to brew the morning Joe and cringe as I remember that we're out of milk and other necessities. I glance in the fridge and pantry and see that we have been resupplied with milk, juice, and Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

I return home from a lunch with the gals and cringe as I look at my watch and realize I have been gone far longer than planned.  I glance around the house to see happy kids and a cheerful hubby.

Generous, hard working, kind - a good husband is the gift that truly does keep on giving.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I too am blessed with a thoughtful and generous husband who is truly a cheerful giver. (One of my nicknames for him is "The Feeder" because he just loves to feed us!) Thanks for this reminder of how blessed those of us who have such life partners really are. Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

A feeder! You are blessed!

Have a wonderful Christmas! Throw a snowball for us!

Heather Raven said...

So true, Kell. I too am prompted by your post to be ever thankful for my husband who does a myriad of things for me (us) and is always willing to work with me to do the things I like to do as well. We truy are blessed beyond measure. I need a post it to remind of this during those times of the month when my aggrivation seems to multiply by 10's for no reason at all. I love my man.