Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small Successes


Join the readers of Faith and Family as we encourage one another. A few highlights from our abode:

1. I finally returned a gift from Christmas 2009! I have been staring at it for twelve months. Thank you, L.L. Bean, for your generous return policies. Amazon should be so flexible!

2. Tim earned his Signalling Merit Badge. I feel like I should get an honorary badge myself! He had to master like a zillion different forms of communication. So glad it's done. Way to go, Tim!

3. My stint as the pecan chairwoman is over! Several scouts will go to summer camp absolutely free!  After selling hundreds and hundreds of pounds of pecans, I actually went out and bought shelled pecans to do my Christmas baking.  It was $12.00 well spent.

What about you?

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