Thursday, December 02, 2010


My friend Ami blogs over at Ami is a friend of many years, a sorority sister, a Michigan alum, a mother, a wife, a banker, a lawyer, a writer, a runner, and a knitter. A woman of many talents.

A few weeks back, this piece of hers caught my eye just before I was heading off to a meeting. I printed off a few copies to share. Suddenly my phone was ringing  with other friends who wanted a copy or the link. One neighbor left a message saying the piece and the accompanying link to a post about time affected her profoundly.
Ami begins:
We all can identify something as our top priority, and we might tell ourselves and others that that thing is the top priority.  Maybe God is your top priority.  Maybe family is.  Maybe it’s something else. What do YOU identify as your top priority?
After you choose your IP or Identified Priority, you can take a brief quiz to evaluate how you allocate time, spend your money, and handle interruptions with regard to your Identified Priority.

Check it out. Definitely food for thought for those attempting to live an intentional life.


ami said...

Wow Kel - being featured on your blog - after my Ainsley fix - is an unexpected treat, capping a sweet day. I'm also glad the first mention did not involve regrettable sorority hijinks. Not that there were any. ;) thanks!

Kelly said...

What happened in Ann Arbor, stays in Ann Arbor, right? We were way too busy being all academic, weren't we?

Heee heee!