Saturday, February 11, 2012

Seven Quick Takes - From the Florida Keys

1. So I send my ten-year-old off deep sea fishing with Grandpa with two CLEAR instructions: Take lots of pictures and don't lose the camera. I'm pretty sure I threw out "have fun" and "be safe" as well.

He returns with not a single photo of the shark -- yes, the SHARK! -- he caught, but with an entire photo essay covering what seafarers call "the head." That would be the bathroom to landlubbers like me.

Part of me is saying "grrrrr!" Another part of me is so grateful for the most excellent adventure Kolbe could have shared with Grandpa, documented or not.

2. As I swam in the pool yesterday, I watched European tourists taking photos of each other in front of a replica of The Mermaid.  The Florida Keys are such a unique place, and it struck me as so very odd that our guests from abroad might be thinking, "Well, this is America!"

3. Every morning I look across the canal and see an older Mennonite couple going about their routine. This, too, strikes me as odd. The sun-drenched Keys -- bikinis and charter boats, emaciated runners and tattooed waitresses, wave runners and shell shops -- and Mennonites.

4. Yesterday I feasted on a Mahi Mahi Reuben that was absolutely to die for.

5. Today I spent hours having my mother kick my backside in game after game of Scrabble. She may be frail of body, but she can still pull out "reloader" in a pinch.

6. I spent a morning in the ER with my mother as she had a banged up elbow patched together. We passed the time watching Family Feud. The Regan family lost. This is interesting only if your maiden name happens to be Regan (and mine is).

7. I called home and was gratified to hear my precious four-year-old say, "Mama, you come back home right now!"

Glad to be here. Looking forward to being back there.

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