Friday, February 17, 2012

Seven Quick Tales - The Valentine Edition

1.  Ainsley sporting her new shades.

2. Love was in the air this morning as John said, "My sister is the goodest baby of all!"


2. On fluorescent food. Years ago we adopted the Feingold Diet. We eliminated all dyes and preservatives. Once you've taken a good, hard look at what goes into food, you can't fully go back again. Nothing tests this principle more than Valentine's Day and Easter. I see this multi-color candy and think I might as well tell the kids to suck on a pink highlighter doused with sugar.


3. Of course this didn't stop me from consuming an entire box of deluxe grahams that the hubby gave me. They are not pictured because they are gone, baby, gone.

4. The hubby (just when did I start referring to my husband as "the hubby"? Pardon me while I finish gagging.) also bought me these which will last a little longer than the cookies:

5. I bought him a card and then fell asleep very early. I'm feeling like a really bad wife.

6. The calories and the artificial colors aren't the only problems with Valentine's Day. We inevitably deal with this:

7. Kolbe's Valentine's bag - below. Not as funny as last year's, but very much indicative of the mind of a ten-year-old boy. I want the chocolate; I'll pass on the love nonsense.


Anonymous said...

I remember the Valentine's bag from last year! This one is very funny too. I hope you're all recovered now from surfeit of sugar?

Kelly said...

We're still sticking to the floor, but I think our blood sugars are evening out!