Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Name in Leprechaun

Adorable O'Wacky. The name fits, I think.
So my name in leprechaun turns out to be Kind McNoodles. I'm wife to Dreamy McCheesy, mother to Timid  McWobbles, Kind McBlarney, Jolly McNoodles, and Adorable O'Wacky.

We stumbled upon a slightly edgier Leprechaun Name Generator and found that Tim's alternate alias is Barfy Elmer O'something I should probably omit from my blog. (But let's just say I laughed until. I. cried.)

Love that Barfy.

Too fun.

We all know that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Saint Patrick's Day, falling mid-month, doesn't know which way to turn. For the last two or three years, the kids have donned shorts while I've scrounged for sunscreen. We have been sunburned attending the parade. Not so this year. We bundled up, and I threw in a few extra coats all of which we needed. The rain held back until the last few minutes. When we arrived home, the temperature was 42 degrees, and the drizzle was steady. Brrrr!

It's a fun, small town parade. "Look cute and wave," I always tell Ainsley. Everyone hauls in a bagful of  loot that would make our dentist either cringe or say, "cha-ching!" But, I should note, there wasn't a box of Nerds or a package of Fun Dip in the mix.

The cold weather must have led a few acts to opt to stay home. We missed the Shriners in their miniature cars, but we didn't miss the high school dance teams in their skimpy spandex and white, vinyl go-go boots. These little number are about my undoing every year.

From a girl who is -- as my late, beloved friend Mary Lou used to say -- "as Irish as Paddy's pig," a belated happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Kind McNoodles

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