Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Thoughts

- On Friday, I thought that prayer plus sleep plus husband home from Alaska = Life is so much better than it was a week ago.

-  John had a field trip last year. The permission slip spelled out the standard field trip dress code: school polo shirt and jeans with no holes. At the time, John owned four pairs of jeans. One pair had one hole, and the others each sported two holes. I organized his dresser yesterday and decided it was time to deep six this well-worn pair.

This made me sad.

- Last Tuesday was 35 and overcast. Thursday was rainy and 44. One weatherman actually uttered the word "ice" and then quickly backed off, insisting that the chances were "low, very low."  As I drive through Augusta, I mull over the adjective "devastating" that was used to describe our recent ice storm. It's an over-used descriptor but apt in this case. We have tree and brush removal crews all over the city, but, wow, there is still a huge (huge, huge) mess left.

Today we hit the low 70s.

- As John rode off on his bike the other afternoon, I looked up at him zooming through the backyard and wondered if I would ever, ever, ever grow tired of the sight. Silly question, easy answer.

No, I won't.

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