Wednesday, March 05, 2014

This One's for Kris

So it's Theme Thursday over at Cari Donaldson's, and though my house is surprisingly tidy at the moment, I'm sure I have my fair share of dirt to record for all the Internets to see. 

A friend and I have decided to dedicate a few Lenten hours each week tackling a household eyesore together. One week her house, one week mine. She mentioned she has a room that overwhelms her. I have stalled projects of my own. We decided to work on these areas together. Tuesday she popped by, and we rearranged Kolbe and John's room which was crowded, messy, and disorganized. Now it's just crowded. I could have provided plenty of photographic evidence of dirt. In addition to getting a few jobs done with the encouragement of a friend, I am convinced I'll grow in humility as I expose a few hidden messes to the outside world (or at least to Sarah).

Anyway . . . Fun Dip isn't exactly dirt (far worse, in my opinion) but here's my contribution to the line-up:

Back in my Valentine' Day post, I highlighted an  ongoing debate -- Nerds versus Fun Dip: Which one is merely diabolical and which one is the veritable spawn of satan. At the time, I was voting for Nerds, but we are now 19 days past Valentine's Day and what do I see? Bright blue Fun Dip all over my son's clothing and floor. And I've just found more Fun Dip residue in the hamper. Now, I may have spotted a single grain of Nerds lodged in the space between two floorboards, but that remains as yet unconfirmed.

In the great debate as to whether Nerds or Fun Dip constitutes the Worst Substance Ever, it would appear that Fun Dip is pulling ahead.

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Kris said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!! That totally made me laugh out loud!! The devil's spawn, I tell you.....

Kelly Dolin said...


Cari Donaldson said...

I love the idea of teaming up to tackle overwhelming household chores. What a fantastic Lenten idea.

Annery said...

What a great idea - doing the work together!