Friday, April 13, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

In the spirit of Easter, here are seven things that bring me joy . . .

1. Finding my teenager -- a boy who used to pray for Alan Shepherd and who once wrote a letter to Buzz Aldrin -- online researching the requirements to become an astronaut. Some dreams don't die.

2. Watching my ten-year-old ripstick through the house. Once in a while this drives me stark raving loony, but mostly it makes me smile.

3. Watching a newlywed couple in our neighborhood. I promise you these two can't pick up the mail unless they are a) together and b) holding hands. So sweet.

4. Hearing John whisper in my ear: I want to go G H L R T and that spells "outside." Alrighty.

5. Watching my two littlest ones fly to the door yelling "Daddy" as Dave came into the house yesterday.

6. Listening to three four-year-olds discuss cars on the way to pre-school this morning. Thomas offered to replace my aging van with a Ferrari. Henry, who hails from a larger family, quite practically pointed out that a Ferrari holds just four passengers. Ainsley chimed in with, "I want a Rari! I want a Rari!"

7. Gathering with our community to sing outside a neighbor's window as he is dying. While mostly unresponsive, Dennis has cried each time he's heard a group of us singing the praise songs he knows and loves so well. Courage, my friend! This fight is nearly over.

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Anonymous said...

Once again you've given us a beautiful tapestry. Number 7 puts 1 - 6 in excellent perspective. I had to check back up at the top of your post that it was indeed a list of things that bring you joy. Yes. He is lucky to have such friends along his journey.

Pat McArdle said...

Keep singing. We are out of town and won't be able to see him until we get home. So sing fr me.

Bridget said...

Singing for the dying... what a great idea~ thanks for sharing and for giving peace to someone in need.
Happy Easter!
Bridget in Bellingham (WA)

Kelly said...

Christine, Pat, and Bridget - Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Pat - We'll sing for you!I haven't heard an update. I'm especially praying for Harriett.