Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's So Glorious about the Glory Run

Today was The Glory Run, an annual fund raiser for The Alleluia Community School. Let me backspace and correct my typo so that it's The Glory Run, not The Gory Run. I uploaded my photos and just loved what I saw.

First my dear friend Joyce cheering as her daughter came in second place overall (beating all them boys!):

And Tim coaching John through the Tot Trot:


And this:

And my friend Laurie's youngest son pushing her first grandchild through the race:

And our God son Aiden sprinting to the finish line:

And Kolbe persevering:

I wish I had a picture of my 83 year-old-neighbor Monique, the oldest participant in the 5K. She finished and this only a few months after she broke her hip.

A glorious day.


Anonymous said...

Good for all of you! Not Gory at all, and I could just feel the spirit there. The story of your oldest participant is amazing! Also, it's obviously a bit warmer there than in Aberdeen.

Kelly said...

Too warm - 93 today. Starting May 1st I going to fast from whining about our weather for the next four months. It'll be hot. No need to state the obvious.

Thank you for all your concerns about our recent health woes. I still have a minor kink in my back, but eveyone else is well.

Amy Parris said...

Great photo of Aiden! Thanks!

Kelly said...

You're welcome! What did he place?