Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Would Daddy Do?

Dave is out of town, and several kids are sick.

Seems like I've typed this line before. Or maybe it was "Dave is out of town, and a pipe cracked." Or maybe it was "Dave is out of town, and smoke started billowing out of the van." It happens, and it happens more often when Dave is away.

A wicked stomach bug has laid waste to half the clan. On the upside (and this is a stretch because I'm not really seeing much of an upside):

1. I can now spell the word diarrhea. Did you know that there are not one but two r's in diarrhea? Well, now you know.

2. Speaking of diarrhea, let me tell 'ya, we're dealing with it big time.

3. Bananas cure diarrhea, but not if you throw them up.

4. Pepto Bismol cures diarrhea, but not if you throw it up.

5. I heart my washer and dryer.

6. I may light a votive candle under my bottle of bleach.

7. I used my first emoticon today -- the one labelled "puke, puke." Yes, there is an emoticon labelled  "puke, puke."

I popped by Dollar General, desperate to lay in a cheap supply of Folgers Breakfast Blend. I'm down to one can of Folgers Country Blend which is just plain awful (the flavor, not the supply). As I was checking out, I spied the toy aisle and immediately thought of Dave.

What would Daddy do?

One thing I know for sure and for certain about my husband: If he were here and John were sick, he'd be in that toy aisle finding something that would put a smile on John's wan and woebegone face.

When I arrived home, I found John, and quizzed. "If you were sick and Daddy were here," I asked him, "what would he do?"

"He would take care of me," John said, starting to look excited, "and he would buy me a present."

I bought two motorcycles and can now hear Tim going the extra mile and really making John laugh with them.

If there's a silver lining in this dark and nauseous cloud, it's that sickness gives all of us another opportunity to nurture, to comfort, to care.


Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I found your blog a few weeks ago and love the peek into your real life. Praying for you and the ill ones, it is so hard and I agree with your thankfulness for the washer & dryer. Imagine Ma having to beat all that puke on a rock at the creek--yuke. Your gift buying was so, so sweet! Hang in there, everything you are doing is unto the Lord--bless you!

Kelly said...

Anon - Thanks for visiting and for your prayers. Yes, those pioneer women were made of tougher stuff, no doubt about it.

Christine Laennec said...

I was really sorry to hear you're battling all this! Full points for thinking of the present. I followed your example and brought home a small set of chimes for my own Poorly One. I'm very glad her own illness does not involve my washing machine any more than normal!

Look after yourself, Kelly.