Friday, April 20, 2012

What I Learned While Violently Ill Wednesday Morning

Seven Quick Takes - The Doxycycline Edition

1. Do not -- Do! Not! -- take Doxycycline on an empty stomach. Gruesome, gruesome, gruesome.

2. It is entirely possible to direct the morning activities of four children while in the fetal position on the couch.

3. This can be accomplished without yelling or threatening. Okay, so maybe it wasn't accomplished without threatening, but that was one solitary threat and a lame and idle one at that.

4. My children are fully capable of feeding themselves, dressing themselves, snagging the bulk of their necessary supplies, and -- get this! -- packing their own lunches.

Who knew!

5. I have a zillion of the most generous, flexible neighbors on planet Earth. HT: Sue H. for giving my kids a ride to school.

6. In the aftermath of # 4, the house will look like it was ransacked by a band of marauding Huns headed south to sack Rome.

7. I just may disregard #1, overlook # 6, and do the whole she-bang over tomorrow. Then again, maybe I'll just fake it.

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christinelaennec said...

Oh poor, poor you! That sounds absolutely grim. Although how amazing what your kids can do for themselves if need be. We have this conversation with my 14-year-old several times a day!

jen said...

Doxycycline didn't make me as sick on an empty stomach than Amoxicillin did. O.M.G... I've had a ton of Amoxicillin in my life (chronic ear infections as a little girl) and I have *never* been as miserable as I was during my last 10-day regimen of the pink stuff and that was WITH food.