Thursday, October 04, 2012

Reasons I just May Have To Buy a Real Phone

1. I am being slowly dragged into the world of texting . . . and it really is useful.

2. Former English teachers like to use punctuation marks.

3. My name is Kelly not Jelly, but sometimes fixing an error requires too much effort.


Kris said...

I went to texting also. And now I love it. And I ALWAYS use actual punctuation and spelling. My kids think it's hilarious, but I hate "text speak".

Kelly said...

I grudgingly use some text speak because I don't have a real keypad on my phone. But I stand against it in principle. Certain teenagers I know probably think "okay" is actually spelled "k".

Kris said...

Or the even worse "Kk". What's that about?? It makes them laugh hysterically when someone else texts me and I have to ask "what does this mean?"