Saturday, October 06, 2012

Seven Things I've Learned

1. If the printer isn't printing, smashing the enter button a little harder doesn't really solve the problem. And repeating the same non-working keystrokes over and over again? Sorry. Swearing? Nah.

2. If you don't regularly check your calendar, you may not realize that your sweet mother-in-law is having a birthday in three days. When this fact does dawn on you, you will be thrilled to remember an item she mentioned she would like. When you go on to Amazon to buy it, you will thank God that Amazon has free two day shipping. When you place the order, you just might want to double check that shipping address because the package might just arrive a day before Grandma's birthday, but at your house instead of her house, and no matter how frustrated you are,  Amazon will not repackage the gift and redirect it to Michigan anywhere near in time for her birthday.


3. Without a list, I am lost. L-O-S-T! With a list, I am better. It helps to read the list.

4. Scholastic book orders? I loved them in the second grade. I them still.

5. There is nothing like the excitement of a freshly minted kindergartner looking at a cereal box and yelling, "Mom, it's A! That says A!"

6. If you join Weight Watchers, your loving husband just might come through the door with five boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Never mind that Girl Scout cookie season was six months ago. You will be forced against your will to consume two boxes of Thin Mints and then subsist on rice cakes until weigh in.

7. Prayer moves mountains. As I type this, my friend is facing a mountain. He has voluntarily re-entered rehab and could use all the prayer we could send his way.

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Kris said...

I laughed so hard about the Weight Watchers/Girl Scout cookies!! That similar situation happens to me all the time. I'm lifetime, but my weigh-in day is Friday - on purpose. For those weekend splurges.

Kelly said...

It's a true story, and I guess it happens to a lot of us. I'm beginning to think this just isn't my season for WW. I'm just in the zone right now.

Dreeden5 said...
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Dreeden5 said...

May I have one of your rice cakes, Kelly...please? (Walks to the re-cycling container and throws in two empty boxes of peanut butter Girl Scout cookies.) Don't tell the kids. Shhhhh.....