Friday, October 19, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. Still splinching . . .

I owe everyone but Ainsley money. Yes, three of my children are now insolvent thanks to me. So I hit the ATM to nab a thick wad of cash only to have the machine kick my card right back at me with a terse message: invalid PIN. I rifled through my purse in search of a second card when from the deep recesses of my mind came the thought that this was the new card and that somewhere, sometime I had received a new PIN. And then bam! I suddenly remembered my PIN and recalled that the new card had arrived around January of 2011.

Not so new. And a little worrying.

2. Still laughing . . .

At Ainsley who likes to block doorways and growl, "I'm a grumpy old troll, and you can't get across my bridge."

3. Still watching . . .

Revolution. It's Lost without the supernatural phenomenon. In fact, several of the actors are from Lost. A tad trite and predictable, as one of my friends pointed out, but a good watch nonetheless.

4. Still Loving It . . .

Watching John learn to read. He      L-O-V-E-S school! After a rocky start with the old ABC's, he seems to be finding his stride.

Yesterday he tackled the word         T-R-E-E.

"Tuh, Ruh, EEEEEE," he sounded and blended with great concentration. "Turkey!"

Oh, yeah!

5. Still Wondering . . .

When you end a sentence with an abbreviation that requires a period, do you add a second period?

ex. I like that new show on T.V..

Makes sense, but looks odd.

6. Still Looking for it . . .

Midwife or Midwives. It's running on PBS. I read the book about six months ago, and absolutely loved it. Jenny is a midwife in the East End of London in the post-World War II era. Beautiful, surprising, even shocking, and a long lesson in why I am so very grateful for running water, washing machines, antibiotics, and epidurals.

I have not quite figured out when the show airs, but that's the beauty of the Internet.

7. So John looked at the picture in the previous post and said, "That's me sleeping on Auntie Kate's couch. I peed on it." I guess he was taking to heart Saint Teresa's words: Let nothing disturb you.

(In light on my post on manners, I reminded John to say wet instead of the P word).

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ami said...

Call the Midwife - assuming your local PBS station runs the same time as most, it airs on Sunday nights!

Kris said...

We are addicted to Revolution over here!!

Jenny said...

Sweet fishing picture. My oldest boy runs through the field to the neighbors pond most afternoons to go fishing.