Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Better Than Sorry!


Karen Webb said...

gorgeous weather - we still have snow!!

I am curious, how do you keep your little ones busy while you help older ones with homework?

Kolbe Dolin said...

Karen - Thanks for visiting! We do have an advantage as far as the weather goes (or, I should say, the winter weather). John and Ainsley go out almost every afternoon for two hours or so. Really, they're in and out. They also go to bed much earlier than the two older ones (7 or 8 versus 10 or 11). I try to keep TV time to early morning for Ainsley and just before dinner for John and Ainsley. If I'm desperate and the weather's bad, the older boys will play cars or trains with the little folks (especially if I offer food or cash or computer time)

Just a few ideas.