Friday, February 08, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

1. So we are celebrating a significant academic achievement with Blizzards, tacos and a rousing game of Scrabble Slam! A word to the wise: Be circumspect about purchasing any game with the word Slam in its title. Second word to the wise: Scrabble Slam has virtually nothing in common with Scrabble, its calm and placid cousin. Scrabble Slam reminds me of an ill-advised Christmas gift I once sent the way of my nieces: Uno Attack. I think they'd still playing the first round of that game except that my sister probably managed to finagle into a bag destined for Goodwill.

Scrabble Slam is great fun. Loud -- really, really loud -- but great fun. Before we started the game, I directed Kolbe to find tape and put two layers of cellophane over the speaker. The tape helped, marginally.

2. While I'm on the subject of loud and annoying noises, early this morning, I was treated to some version of this exchange:
Ainsley, you wear underwear.
I don't wear underwear. 
You do too wear underwear. 
I don't wear UNDERWEAR! 
Yes, you do! 
No, I don't! 
Good gravy. I repeated the exchange to Dave who said, "'Ainsley, you wear underwear.' Them's fightin' words!"


For the record, she's a girl, and girls wear panties and don't try to convince her otherwise.

3. So British archaeologists have found and identified the body of Richard III. Does this excite anyone but me? When I spent the summer touring France, I had a near religious experience at the tomb of William the Conqueror. As I listened to the NPR reports this afternoon, the hair on my arms stood up.

Does anyone remember that poor soul, Anna Anderson, who convinced many people she was Anastasia Romanov? There's something so irresistible about an escaped and unknown princess or a missing king. No matter the oppressive policies of the Romanovs, we all hoped Anastasia had made it out alive. Well, it was all either an elaborate hoax or the delusions of a disturbed old woman.

But Richard III was there under the car park, battle wounds and all. Cool.

4. Dave took John and Ainsley to our favorite store, Mister Harbor Freight, where, I swear, everything is free or only a dollar, and came back with two pinchys which are sure to last two maybe three days. John came into the study saying, "Hey! Ya want a pencil?"

5. Tim drove for the first time. No casualties to report -- van, yard, neighbors' belongings, son, dad, and mom all survived.

6. The kindergarten is getting ready to celebrate One Hundred Day, so John and I collected one hundred pennies including this ancient one from 1964. I think my specs make him look mighty handsome.

7. Finally, happy, happy birthday to Dave!

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Kris said...

On my Dad's side we are descended from an illegitimate son of William the Conqueror. I love that stuff too!

Kelly said...

Kris, That's amazing that you can trace your roots back so far!

Kris said...

It's not me! My cousin is a big ancestry buff and has done a ton of work on my Dad's family (her dad and my dad are brothers). She's got some great info and some neat anecdotal stuff that my kids find SO cool. We have a long family history in the military, and West Point in particular, so she has put together all kinds of neat military history stuff related to our forefathers.

Julie said...

It made me smile to see Dave's birthday pic. My husband is 51 this year as well...and we have a 3year old son. I appreciate your blog and the fact that we share some familial similarities. ; )

Julie said...

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dave!