Friday, February 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

1. There's nothing like teaching someone to read, write, and count to underscore the inconsistencies in our alphabet and numerical systems. After emphasizing THIRTY-one, FORTY-seven, SIXTY-two, why should I be surprised when John sees 13 and dubs it ONEDY-three? Or writes 3D for what sounds to him an awful lot like THIR-DEE?

2. Dorian Speed over at Scrutinies is building a website of resources on the upcoming papal conclave. Electing the Pope is full of questions and answers. We headed over there tonight and began talking about how the pope gets elected, who can vote, how many cardinal electors there are, how many American cardinals have a vote.

Interesting stuff.

3. As part of Lent, we have been watching Catholicism  A Journey to the Heart of  the Faith, a
DVD series by Father Robert Barron.

We bought it used on Amazon for $50.Very well done. Tim is flat mesmerized.

4. I have embarked on a program called Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks. If you're looking for a gradual introduction to the active life, this may be the plan for you. Slow and steady, slow and steady.

5. I've heard from a fair number people who are interested in OT type activities that develop fine motor skills. Sometime next week I hope to post ideas we use in the atrium, which is a Montessori-based catechism class and includes lots of practical life activities.

I was surprised to find that Pinterest is a great source for simple and free fine motor activities.  I thought Pinterest was just over-the-top crafts and houses don't look anything like mine. Nope. Lots and lots of doable ideas. Here are a few (along with a few other ideas dragged into the wrong board. Still getting the hang of this).

6.  We have had rain, rain, and more rain. After ten years of drought, rain is a blessing. But it's a blessing that requires a plan -- like around midday we'll plan to head across town to the McDonald's with the vast indoor play land.

Today's plan includes Playdoh.

I just found  51 Lego Challenges for a rainy day over on Pinterest. Maybe we'll scrap Playdoh and try a few of these.

Random picture of boy wonder.

7. Head over to Jen's to add your Quick Takes.


Jessica Snell said...

Hey! I just started C25K, too! We're on week 3 (I'm doing it with my husband). So far, my knee is cranky, but no real injuries. I'm really hopeful that this program will let me become a runner, injury-free. And I *love* getting to exercise *outside*. That's the best part, to me.

Kris said...

I've done Couch to 5K multiple times - as I get in and out of running. Love it. Once you get up to that level, if you want to try a 10K, head over to Hal Higdon's website ( - he's got a gazillion different training programs that are great. Running a 10K with my 9-year old tomorrow - his first one!!

Kolbe Dolin said...

Way to go, Jessica and welcome! I had a twinge of pain in my sciatic nerve, but I am determined to push through.

Kris - That's neat that you run with your son. I'm trying to convince one of my kids to run with me. Best of luck!