Monday, February 25, 2013

My Son Jethro

John has penned his first story. Allow me to translate: The cat kan (sic) jump to the other cat.

John, thrilled with his new-found spelling skills, comes running up to me and says excitedly, "Mama, I can spell you jump. J-U-M-P! I can spell you jump!"

So maybe the English teacher in me is wondering: Do I delight in his first attempts at writing or cringe and rename him Jethro?

Way to go, Jethro!


christinelaennec said...

I will confess my ignorance: I don't understand the reference to Jethro? (Not Tull, I presume)

I think John's story is fab! I particularly love the idea that you can make someone do something through spelling ("I jump you"). May this be the first of many.

I thought your comment (more knitting for your money) was very funny. I am definitely getting more cleaning for my money lately. We've just had our 8th viewing in 3 weeks - which is great, but requires unnatural amounts of cleaning and tidying.

Kolbe Dolin said...

Christine - When John said "I can spell you", I was reminded of my days as a camp counselor in a very rural area. We'd go to the lake, and the kids would say, "Learn me to swim, Kelly! Learn me to swim."

Jethro = Beverly Hill Billies = Kelly being a language snob.