Wednesday, March 06, 2013

As I'm Cooking Dinner for a Friend

I deal with this:

No, this is not the work of young kids, but the consequence of purchasing no-brand aluminum foil.

But then I  see Ainsley's first portrait:

 It's me, in case you're wondering. Before my first cup of coffee, but clearly me.

"Are you impressed with me, " Ainsley asks. 

"I certainly am!"

And just so there is no confusion, John writes a title:

 And then I spot this drying on the counter:

A dandelion - my favorite flower from my favorite girl.

Life's little blessings.


Kate said...

Save that picture! It seems like all preschool kids draw like that! Can Ainsley sign her name yet? Better yet, send it to me and I will hang it on the wall. I so miss those days!

Kris said...

That foil is hilarious! I feel the same way about no name "cling" wrap. I have several of those "portraits" saved for posterity. The kids love looking back at them as they get older!