Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

1. We just returned from the funeral and burial of a dear friend and neighbor. Sue endured three bouts of cancer with humor and grace. She was loved by many and will be missed by all.
Times like these leave me thinking Dave's touch is a little more tender, Ainsley's cheek is just a smidge squishier, John's eyes are just a tad browner.

I appreciate the ordinary just a little more.

2. Here's the latest Dolin family portrait courtesy of Ainsley:

3. Girl Wonder also wrote her name for the first time:

4. I'm de-cluttering "the den of iniquity" and found a treasure trove of Tim's papers. Or perhaps I should just say "trove" and skip the word "treasure." Good gravy, I saved every last work sheet the boy ever scrawled.

My apologies to John and Ainsey: If it doesn't involve a hand print and an overly sentimental and badly rhyming poem about how you won't stay small forever, out it goes.

My efforts unearthed a poster that dates back to Tim's fifth or sixth birthday when he was in his rather long obsession with all things space. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we played Pin Neil Armstrong on the Moon. We all had a laugh over that one.

5. "I'm the mama," Ainsley told her doll the other day, "so I have put you in your car seat."

"Ainsley," I asked her, "do you want to be a mama when you grow up?"

"No," she told me, quite emphatically."I'm going to be a princess in a not itchy dress."

6. John and Ainsley have taken to building forts in their  bunk beds. John informs me that his is awesomer.

What is not awesomer? A nameless someone found a can of yellow spray paint that yet another nameless someone left within easy access of the first nameless someone.

Someone's grey bike is now yellow. Someone's mother is not happy.

7. When I type in "FA" to hop over to Facebook, just guess what comes up? Yes, you heard it first here -- What, you're probably wondering, does one find over at I couldn't tell you because I haven't tried surfing in that direction. While I am appreciating the ordinary, I'm not taking it that far.

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Kris said...

I used to save EVERY scrap of paper that they brought home from school. One day, I realized the boxes were overtaking the storage room. I culled down to the lovely things you mentioned and now have one "special" box. When you get to the 4th or 5th child, you just can't keep all that stuff. Plus we're a little jaded as mothers and a neat phonics sheet just doesn't mean the same thing anymore!

Renee said...

I take a 3 second look and toss everything in the recycle bin. Our recycle bin for paper is one of those large leaf bags.

Joanie said...

Ainsely is a little superstar!

Is the second someone a rather adult someone?

Kolbe Dolin said...

Yeah, Kris, you do get a tad jaded after a few kids! Somebody's already climbed that mountain.

Renee, I like the leaf bag idea. That might just hold a week's worth of papers. Can't we go back to chalk slates?

Joanie - Funny question. Believe me, sometimes it is an adult who remains nameless. I'm pretty sure this fiasco started with one of the kids.

Eventually I will change my identity from my son Kolbe back to me, but I think that's too involved for a Monday morning.