Monday, March 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

- 1 -

So yesterday we arrived at church without incident or crisis. Everyone presentable. All relationships intact. No one wailed, "I'm not getting a donut!" No one yelled, "How much longer?" The most notable comment was Ainsley whispering, "I wanna peace Amanda! I wanna peace Amanda!" after the handshake of peace was over, and she had missed our friend in the row behind us.

Please make note of this momentous achievement.

- 2 - 

We have an ongoing fight in the van. Okay, we have any number of ongoing fights in the van, but one of these makes me smile. John typically sits in the way back, Ainsley in the middle. They quarrel over who gets to sit next to Tim.

Tim is top flight as big brothers go -- kind, funny, willing to play cars far longer than Mom, always remembering who get dibs on Tim and being extra kind to the disconsolate one.

- 3 - 

One of the van wars is the perpetual fight over who rides shotgun. Now when I'm making cookies, Ainsley and John fight over who gets shotgun -- shotgun apparently being the five inches of counter-top closest to the wall. Do not ask me why those particular five inches are superior to the ones ten inches to the left. They just are.

Ainsley riding shot gun.

- 4 -

"Is there still  pirate treasure?" John asks me one morning, "Cause I'm going to find some."

- 5 -

When we learned last summer that John's eyesight wasn't up to snuff, I immediately panicked at the thought of trying to keep glasses on a four-year-old. Been there, done that with Tim. John is a bird of a different feather. He sleeps in them; he bathes in them.

- 6 -

 John occasionally makes it out of the van at the morning drop-off without kissing me goodbye. Ainsley finds this nothing short of scandalous.

"Mama, when I'm in kindergarten," she tells me with sweet earnestness, "I'll always kiss you goodbye."

I plan to hold her to this.

- 7 -

Ainsley likes to play with John's spelling flash cards.

"Pah pah eye eye, pie,"she says, piecing the P, I, and E cards together.

"She read that," her doting father tells me with pride and amazement in his voice. "Did you hear that. She read that!"

"Um, yeah, well, the letters form a picture of a pie, honey," I tell him gently.

He's unconvinced. Ainsley then puts J-E-T together and says, "Air air air puh puh lane. Airplane!"

Don't burst Daddy's bubble. I'm a prodigy!
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Kris said...

Save this post and show it to her when she's 13 and won't give you the time of day....! :)

Colleen Duggan said...

Really cute photos of soapy kids. Love it. Some of the best photos I've ever taken of my kids have been after bath time.

Kelly Dolin said...

Ainsley's gonna swear to be a sweet, sweet teenager and to love me forever.

Colleen, nothing like soapy or muddy kids. Thanks for popping by.