Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 in Superlatives

Favorite Christmas Gifts: Tim's Kindle, Kolbe's Ripstick, Ainsley's new purse, John's Spiderman watch, Mom's ornament.

Favorite Movie - The King's Speech

Favorite Book(s) - Black Out and All Clear. HT: Melanie from Wine Dark Sea.

Favorite Picture: You can't take a bad picture of John. The one on the right is a fav.

Favorite post. This one. Because my Dad just continues to rock.

Favorite Quotes:
John, barricading the doorway: What's the password?

Tim: I don't know.

John: It's love, you idiot!

John, to a snoring Dave: Dad, quit making all that noise so I can sweep.

Captures Life with Three Brothers: Photo to right.

A Bad Day: Read all about it.

A Good Day: Described here.

Best Captures Age Two:

Me: Ainsey, you're going to use the potty, and I'm going to give you chocolate.

Ainsley: No way!

Best Captures Age Four:

John: Mama, I love your fullness.

Me: My fullness?

John: Of your heart.
Best Captures Age Nine: The note on Kolbe's Valentine's
Day bag: P.S. I don't really love you. You are just my friend.

Best Captures Age Fourteen: Tim: I figured one of us had to be the mature one and it wasn't going to be him.

Another Favorite Pic: Tim, on right, enjoying Social.

The Best Thing We Said We'd Never Do and Did Anyway: Signing Tim up for Social. He loves it.

A Prayer Answered: Aunt Alice, bathed in grace as she was dying.

A Virtue that Grew: Hope

A Virtue I Need to Cultivate: Fortitude

Most Fervent Prayer for 2012: Peter's complete healing from lymphoma.


Anonymous said...

What a great list. My favourite is "the password is *love*, stupid!" I also like that a prayer answered can be a good death. And I hope your most fervent prayer is answered with healing.

Patti Doughty said...

I love this Post, Kel. You not only captured the Superlatives of 2012, but the Superlatives of Family Dolin. I love you all and pray God's tremendous blessing on you in 2012.