Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This day began with:

1. A house littered with grass and dirt as we have had four days of nearly non-stop rain.

2. Ainsley grabbing a cup of coffee off a tall counter and -- you guessed it -- ending up taking a shower in it. Thank be to God, the coffee was cold!

3. Ainsley-- who now loves dressing herself -- coming into the living room in a cute pink sweatshirt and a coordinating pink tutu. And nothing else.

4. Ainsley -- dissatisfied with the first ensemble, and I don't think this was due to the absence of undergarments -- reappearing in a flowered tank top, sporty green capris, still no diaper or panties, and bringing with her a noxious odor.

5. Mom revving up the washer, running the bath, and grabbing the bleach.

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