Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If You Throw Up on a Fire . . .

Carpool continues to entertain.

Rachel, my carpooling partner, reports that John posed a riveting question en route to school yesterday: What would happen if you threw up in a fire?

We shared a laugh that John had hit on two topics four-year-old boys find fascinating -- vomit and fire. John later posed the same question to me and then went on to wonder would happen if he pooped on a fire. Quite a lark, to be sure. Even if I could set aside the risk of burns in a sensitive area, I'd rather not dwell on this one.

Little boys . . .  so very interesting. With Ainsley I'm discovering that, yes, there are differences. But, you know, with three older brothers, my girl's a bit of a changeling. I'll just admit it here: My blond-haired, blue-eyed ray of estrogen, sugar and spice and everything nice  . . . laughs at fart jokes.

Oh, she loves shoes and gaudy jewelry. She puts on a dress, spins around, and says, "I da princess." But her brand of humor?  Strictly low-brow.

Lego created quite the furor with its recent launch of Lego for Girls.  About a bazillion of us collectively responded, "Legos for girls? We thought those were already on the shelf. We called them Legos." Dorian writes about this here.

Legos are just one of the many, many toys and games that cross the gender divide. Then there are these: The Five Best Toys of All Time. In the parlance of the day, this is SO last month, but I thought of it again as I glanced out the window and saw Ainsley dragging a stick through the mud. Little boys and little girls find such joy in simple things - a pile of leaves, a new box, bubbles, a wiggling worm.

The five best toys of all time?

1. A Stick
2. A Box
3. String
4. A Cardboard Tube
5. Dirt
As we were walking into the gym last night,
John spotted a puddle.

"I just love puddles. I gotta jump in it," he told me. "I love mud, too."

Having two older sons, I know that some of these tastes will (and should) change. While pricey electronics top any teenage wish list, the older crew still appreciates some simple pleasures. Namely:

1. Fire
2. Danger
3. Waves

With all of these, bigger is better. Scouting is a great way to outsource the top two. One day girls and cars will pique the boys' interest. I'm happy to say that that day is not today.


Anonymous said...

I quite agree about Lego. My daughter will probably never part with her very large collection of it. And I did see a new girly kind of Lego in the window of John Lewis the other day - so that's what they're up to.

You're so right about the attraction to fire... with my son it became rather problematic!

janet said...

For me, if it was good enough for my brothers, it was good enough for me. Mud comes in one color, brown. If it's pink, it's not mud.

Kelly said...

Mud, fire, piles of leaves, tree forts - I loved them when I was a girl. I still love fire, although I get your point, Christine. Fire can get out of hand.

I have nothing against pink or girly stuff, but I don't think everything needs to be gender specific.

I just picked up a pair of pink tennies at a thrift store. Ainsey was thrilled.