Friday, June 29, 2012

As June Draws to a Close

Seven Quick Takes -- A Few Memories of June

1. Ainsley, looking at my toes and doing her best imitation of Yoda: It's polish you have. I like it.

2. What you get when bad behavior meets a sarcastic sense of humor:

It's probably not a good sign that this made me laugh.

3. Even Dolly - this one's named Susie -- is catching potty training fever (or maybe the boys gave her a swirly?).

4. I'm not breaking my heat related whine-fast, but I am simply pointing out a fact: The temperature reading at the bank across the street read 113 this afternoon.

5. Blogger's spell check feature has ceased to work for me. This is unrelated to the fact that I have lost any ability to proofread so much as my my first name and get it right. I don't know who or what to blame, but, believe me, I'm working on it.

6. June has been a month of firsts: John can swim, John can jump off the diving board, Kolbe can dive, John lost his first tooth, and Tim shaved his head:

7. I know it's been a good first month of summer when I realize July is nearly upon us and get just a little bit sad.

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Lindsay said...

Yikes, 113? We've had 109 here in Austin, but that sounds pretty agonizing.

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel for you! Here in New England we've had so few days of really hot weather, and I've even bemoaned the fact...but 113? I can't even imagine...

But congratulations for your kids on their "firsts"!

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed that you have restrained yourself to the mere mention of 113F! I once took the bus from Portland, Oregon to my grandparents' house in Redding, California and nearly fainted when I got off because it was 117. As I recall the thermometer on the bank sign had broken.

I loved your 2nd "quick take" and particularly the fact that you laughed. That is good, Kelly!

Happy July!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'd say the inability to proof-read is no doubt related to the ridiculous temperatures!

Kelly said...

I'll blame it on the heat. Having a full house inhibits much in the way of deep thinking. I have to get up very early to really concentrate on anything.

Hey, I was the one who told Kolbe to write "sentences."

I think moving from Oregan to Scotland was smart. (I think you had a number of stops in between. Indiana and Conn?)