Saturday, June 02, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. Yes, we did spend fourteen hours in the car to spend about fourteen hours in The Magic Kingdom. And you know what? We had a ball. One of the best parts? I think I spent about $100 total.  Splash Mountain had to be the most memorable ride. I sat behind Tim, John, and Tim's friend, Dane. At every hill, I'd see John's short, brown arms high in the air between Tim's long, white ones and Dane's even longer, even whiter ones. They'd yell, "Bob Saggett!" and down we'd go. Don't ask me to explain the whole Bob Saggett thing, but hearing a four-year-old yell it on a roller coaster is really quite funny. The folks at Disney snap a photo as you plunge down the big hill. Ours was a classic. I looked like I was crying, and John's eyes, I swear, were three times their normal size.

2. I'm writing from the Motor City. Ainsley and I are here to surprise my niece Hannah for her graduation. To my sweet, darling Hannah: Way to go! It's been a tough few years for a number of reasons. My prayer for you is that a brighter day is dawning. Study hard, don't walk by yourself at night, find nice boys, and call your Mom often. May you love, love, love college!

3. To anyone who might wonder . . . Dave and I are not separating, though we've been apart w-a-y too much the last two months. Top priority upon my return: Snag that Calvert's gift certificate and enjoy a slow and quiet dinner with my husband. Miss you, miss you, miss you, Honey!

4. There's nothing quite as exciting as being in a bathroom stall in the busiest airport in America and having your highly articulate two-year-old daughter provide a running commentary. Thank you, Ainsley! And to all my fellow travellers who got free entertainment: You're welcome.

5. Tim's summer schedule is so busy I think he needs a personal secretary to keep it all streamlined. Oh, wait. He has one, and her name is Mom.  One of the primary jobs of parents in general and moms in particular is to send children off. We stock up on sunscreen and bug spray. We lay in a generous supply of socks and underwear. We locate the permission slips and write the checks. We find the missing bathing suit, and we pack the snacks. We worry, and then we remember to pray. We wave good bye and try hard not to cry in front of anyone. It's good, all so very good. Hiking and rock climbing. Paint ball wars and sailing. Growing and being challenged.

6. I indulged in a little retail therapy at my favorite consignment shop. Little is the operative word here. In light of the new AC unit and all of Tim's activities and the trip to Detroit and joining the new pool and the fact that I apparently didn't pay a single athletic fee this entire year, I am adopting a new economic strategy: Don't spend a dime! Admittedly, this may be a tad simplistic but austerity measures are the order of the day. The Dolin children may object, stage protests, even occupy the living room.

I'll send them outside to hug the AC unit.

7. One of the best parts of our visit to Detroit has been spending time with my oldest niece, Megan. In addition to my Irish skin, Megan has inherited my rather fragile sense of direction. We left the Detroit airport and, I promise you, toured no fewer than four major highways en route to the suburbs. As we travelled to Dave's parents' house, we managed to get lost once again, difficult as that is to do in a city laid out in a perfect grid. The upside? Chit chatting with my niece who is unfailingly lovely, kind, and interesting.

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Anonymous said...

You have been one busy lady, Kelly! My daughter and I laughed (the laugh of recognition) at your point about the running commentary in the bathroom.