Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I'm Free!

In light of my highly sophisticated, clearly articulated economic plan that can best be summed up in four words -- Don't Spend a Dime! --  I am compiling a list of summer activities that are free (or close to it):

1. The Columbia County Library and its water park.

2. Other parks.

3. The pool (now that we've paid for it) and if I can convince my kids the snack bar is for everyone else but them.

4. Biking the canal.

5. Ripsticking along the Greenway.

6. Looking at the stars. Transit of Venus was last night! Last one for a hundred years.

7. The zoo. We're already members. Does require a bit of gas money.  Also requires the line about snack bars existing for the benefit of families other than our own.

9. The nearly free movies at the theater.

10. The North Augusta Water park. Haven't been there yet. Hope to try it out next week.

11. Hiking at the swamp.

Our neighbors have a huge dirt pile in the backyard. Their grandson hangs out there with his collection of trucks and is the envy of the pre-school set. I've thought about this as well.

What other adventures are free or close to it?


ami said...

That sounds like our economic plan :)

Kelly said...

Ami - Simple to plan - maybe a little harder to pull off? Will you make it to Pelee?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly---I just never share this one, cause it's so dear to me:) But I'ma let you in on this local spot: Redcliffe Plantation in Beech Island, SC. A lot of natives have never heard of it, and there are almost never other visitors. Lots of great memories, touring the home and running around on the extensive grounds as a child.

It's a wonderful place for a picnic! Your boys especially would love to climb up in the ancient magnolias that have become fortresses. There is also a trail that loops through the woods, but don't go on that if it's oppressively hot:)

Here's the address for a googlemap:
181 Redcliffe Rd Beech Island, SC 29842

You can take Laney Walker (lock yer doors) all the way to Sand Bar Ferry Rd. take a right and follow it across the river. You should see a few signs from there. When you're getting close, you will see this little church in which a certain Woodrow Wilson's future wife was much history in this little part of the world.

I hope you can go there...preferrably with the whole family, just in case you come across some interesting wildlife:)

Also, the Augusta museum (and maybe the Morris) are free on Sunday afternoons. Not sure how you feel about going places on Sundays, but there it is.

See you soon:)
~Christy B.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Christy. I've been to Redcliffe, but my kids haven't.

Anonymous said...

Those all sound good - especially a library with a water park! (? did I read that right?)

Kelly said...

Christine - It's a strange combo, isn't it? It's a splash park with fountains, I think. The plan is to wear bathing suits, get books, and then head to the fountains. I don't think they want soggy patrons. I haven't been there yet because it's in a different county and I didn't think we could check out books. Turns out all of Georgia is one big happy library family.