Monday, January 28, 2013

A Three Hanky Night at Downton Abbey

Those of us who have carefully avoided Downton spoilers are still in a state of shock after last night's gripping episode. Those of us who (quite inadvertently) stumbled upon a spoiler or two are simply sad.

Last week's episode of Downton Abbey was sort of lackluster. My friend Rachel captured it nicely here. It all boiled down to a few simple admonitions: Man up, Branson! Blow your nose and and get on with it.

But this week!

A few months back, I Googled Downton trying to find out when the new season was starting here in the U.S.. Instead I found out that Sybil was to die in childbirth. So last night I knew the outcome, but it was still so sad to watch. Oh. My. Goodness.

And the fall out . . .

The Dowager Countess walking into the house with a heavy heart and an unsteady gate, looking every one of her eighty or so years . . .  her sigh as she leaned into a column to brace herself . . . her trembling chin.

Cora saying goodbye to her youngest child . . . and steeling her heart against the husband she views views as complicit in her daughter's death.

Thomas weeping in the hallway.

Mrs. Hughes when asked what everyone was to do about Branson: We will show him that we are kind people.

Where do you go from here? From the previews, I guess we'll see a battle over the child being baptized Catholic or Anglican, Mary and Robert teaming up against Mathew for control of the estate, and the steady erosion of Robert and Cora's once warm marriage.

Gloomy, gloomy times!


Anonymous said...

When that episode aired over here in the UK we were all in shock! Even one of the guys in the boy band my daughter follows tweeted how gutted he was. It made me think of how much we take for granted with modern medicine, especially as regards childbirth.

Having seen the Christmas special, I can say all is not complete gloom and doom.

Kris said...

I also had seen a spoiler online and I STILL bawled my eyes out. As much as we hate the outcome, the acting was brilliant. And that scene between Violet and Carson that you mentioned? Heart-wrenching. And Mary needs to get over her high and mighty self and let Matthew save the estate. Given that it's his money that saved it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I'd seen a spoiler about a month ago as well, and I was an absolute sobbing WRECK watching it yesterday. In fact, for a few hours afterwards, I couldn't shake it off! I just mourned for this fictional character and the ones that loved her. I've always rooted for Branson and Sybil because their love seemed so adventurous what with Branson's Irish passionate views and stance. Oh, so sad, but oh so good! Will be interesting to see what happens in the episodes to come.

Kelly said...

I was actually depressed yesterday. How crazy is that? Get a grip! I think the actress just wanted out of her contract, and I'm moping around the house.

bobbi @ revolution of love blog said...

I say your blog link over at Moxie Wife and stopped by. I love to meet another DA lover! In fact, I just made a post about DA episode 4 and added some other fun DA links you may enjoy. In the meantime, I'll be browsing your blog and getting to know you. :-)

Kelly said...

Bobbi - Welcome! I read your DA links. That Facebook stuff is hilarious!

Hello to Wanderland! Yeah, I'm itching to see the next episode, too. Really, TV usually doesn't leave me this anxious.