Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This Busy Season of Life

I was catching up on what Elizabeth Foss had to say. She linked to this,  and I came across this little blurb:

This is the busy season of life and how rich and privileged I am!
I have felt so deeply that I am not to wish away these mothering days ... looking for the next season of life. My call is to embrace the Here and Now ... today is the Gift I have been given. May I be content and live this stage to the widest and fullest and brightest!

This morning I am thinking about the everyday gifts I enjoy:

Making hot chocolate for the oldest. Telling him he might need to shave. (Shave!) Watching him peruse the Driver's Manual like it's the Gutenberg Bible. His humor. His hugs. 

Watching my eleven-year-old scheme and dream and invent. What doesn't go through that kid's mind? His unique brand of piano playing. The fact that he is steady-eddie, ever helpful, mostly cheerful, unfailing in his kindness to his sister. 

John. Everything about John. Okay, 97% of John. The remnants of his lisp. His missing tooth. His delight in reading Charlotte's Web.  The cache of treasure stored on his bedroom shelf. Can I freeze frame at age five?

Ainlsey's cheeks and button nose. The fact that she names her shoes -- the tap shoes, the party shoes, the dance shoes. The fact that she adores her brothers and runs to her dad when he comes through the door. Waking up every morning to find her sandwiched between her father and me. Hearing her say, "Something is not right!" in her best imitation of Miss Clavel.

This is a busy season of life.

I'm reminded of a comment my mother-in-law made three or four years ago: There's always something new. Both the busyness and the newness are aspects of my life I sometimes rail against. 

Today I'm grateful.


Kris said...

I LOVED when my boys were 5 and 6. Those were the best ages. Just loved it. I admit to being a little sad when my youngest turned 7 last year. Having them get older brings its new joys and challenges, but there are some ages that you just miss!

Kelly said...

Kris - What was your favorite age with your daughter? Just curious.

Kris said...

Definitely when she was tiny. And then later high school and college. The middle school years are ROUGH with a girl - I won't lie. I always say there is a reason why God gave me only one girl and 4 boys - because He knew what I could handle. But she got through it. Mostly just VERY emotional, and neither my husband nor I are very patient with the drama. Boys are so much simpler in that area. Definitely a handful when they are younger, but I think I'm enjoying the high school years more with my oldest son than I did with my daughter. She became delightful when she got to college and we have a solid relationship. Of course, she was the oldest and I always had little people when she was in high school, so that made a difference too. I'm able to do more with my two older boys because my younger ones are more self sufficient.