Friday, May 09, 2014


1. The Big Dance

So Tim had his big dance Saturday, and this is about the best of sorry shots I managed to get. (His back is to the camera; his partner is wearing green). Oh, there's a perfectly clear shot of me and Tim in which I look like I've gained twenty-two pounds rather than the mere fifteen I've actually gained. (It made an appearance on Facebook, but won't be showing up here anytime soon).

2. The Big Race

 In an inexplicable turn of events, I came in second in the my age group in the Glory Run. If truth be told, the reason is not so inexplicable. Apparently ours was one of many 5K runs that day. Most of my close friends in  my age group didn't run at all or opted for the 1 mile race. The sweet smiling, first-place finisher pictured here walked the course and still beat me.

But I finished, by golly! I earned that medal!

3. Pre-Race Jitters 

Ainsley, I was feeling your pain.

4. Mom Finished Second? Time to don a rubber nose and a silly hat!


5. The Post Race Party

6. Door Prizes Galore!

In addition to my stellar finish, three of us won door prizes. Six sandwiches from Chik-Fil-a, four dinners from Taco Bell -- we should undo all our fitness in no time flat.

7. Bad Analogy!

The day before the race, my sister Facebooked me to say: You can do this. You've birthed four children. 

Sadly, a few of the hills  were all too reminiscent of some of my bleaker moments in childbirth. But rather than saying Never Again!, I immediately began thinking through how I'll be better prepared for next year. (If I can get this knee of mine back in working order. Which at the moment is debatable).

As the pre-school pack crosses the finish line in the Tot Trot, every child gets a medal and a gift bag.

Ainsley thinks she won the whole thing. Not just thinks; no, she's just sure of it.

We've quit trying to convince her otherwise.

And the winner is . . . 

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Anonymous said...

I am very impressed - both at ballroom dancing and especially at your running a race! Either would be very difficult for me! Good on you, as they say here.

Kelly Dolin said...

Thanks, Christine!

The race was quite an achievement for me as I have sedentary for 4-6 years. I would like to continue slow, relatively short runs and will do so if my knee is stable. I'm now two weeks post race and my knee hurts more, not less. I think I'll be heading to the doc next week.

I don't love exercise, but I love how I feel afterwards.