Monday, March 28, 2011

In Rare Form

I think we should begin rotating where we sit during Sunday Mass. We don't need a change of scenery, but I'm guessing the faithful parishioners around us could stand a break. To put it mildly, John is not the quietest member of Most Holy Trinity.

But he has charm and good looks on his side, and he strategically uses these to stay out of hot water.

He was in rare form this morning. So began the debate: Do we take him out or continue whispering admonitions and threats? As the debate raged, John began flipping through the hymnal. He stopped at a random page and nudged Dave.

"Daddy, I know what this says," John said, pointing to song lyrics. "It says 'I love you!'"

That's your Get Out of Jail Free Card, no doubt about it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that made me laugh out loud! Been there... Thanks also for your lovely comment on my blog, and for your prayers. I know they are helping!