Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Successes


Head over to Faith and Family Live! to share your successes. I fully intended to report remarkable progress on the fabled bathroom re-do. Maybe next week. Instead I have:

1. Outfitted three skiers who head off tomorrow for the mountains of West Virginia - gloves, hats, ski pants, etc. pulled from yawning tub 'o winter gear. While they're on the slopes, our fair city is supposed to hit 87 degrees.

2. Fixed the space bar on the keyboard. Do you know how hard it is to type with a partially stuck space bar? Do you know how hard it is for me to fix anything mechanical?

3. Shipped ten bags of stuff off to our community swap. Came home with one bag. I didn't plan to embark on the Forty Bags for Forty Days, a Lenten de-cluttering plan, but when it's day 6 and you've already purged 13 bags? Well, I just may have to get on board.

Gosh, my successes look small indeed. Do I get extra credit if I did it with a raging sore throat?


christinelaennec said...

Your successes look outstanding to me, and yes you get triple points for doing it with a bad sore throat. This week I have written a blog post, got sent home from work with a cold, managed to get my daughter to school every morning (major undertaking only slightly more challenging than getting the cat into the carrier to go to the vet's) - and that's it I think! Oh yes, clipped a couple of rose bushes.

Kelly said...

The cat in the carrier is huge! We had an elderly cat who was a nightmare to get to the vet.

Getting kids to school is tough. I hear some teenage girls can be especially slow in the morning, but it's hard to imagine prodding anymore than I already do.

Hope you feel better!

christinelaennec said...

Thanks, Kelly, I'm feeling much better today. And we have an appointment with another school next week, so there is a ray of hope on the horizon. I can't blame her for not wanting to go where she's mistreated. I dearly hope she'll be happier once she's settled in a new school - and I'll be interested to see if it's any easier to get her out the door in the morning!!