Monday, March 07, 2011

The Queen's Speech

Wasn't it just last week I was writing about John's emerging speech? He continues to charm us all (when he's not asserting his will of tempered steel). Yesterday he threw his squishy arms around me and shouted, "Mama, I love you big!"

Doesn't get much better than that.

Suddenly Ainsley's speech is taking off. She charged through the house this morning bellowing "Awful! Awful!" It's not a description of her brother's behavior, but rather her breakfast of choice, her inimical way of expressing, "May I please have a waffle to start the day?"

Here are a few other Ainsleyisms:

First word: Mama!

First two word combo: Oatmeal pie

First Sentence: Dere's a brudda!

The cast of characters: Mama, Dada, Baby, John John, Koba, and Dim (My apologies to Tim who adores his sister despite the dubious moniker).

Thanks to John: Bad Guy

Thanks to all the boys: Naked

Moving toward two: No! (Even when she means yes).

She's a diva: Shoes! Shoes!

She still won't wear one: Bow! Bow!

Much to her brothers' disgust: Elmo Word! Elmo Word!

To the delight of her mother, the English teacher: 'tory! 'tory!

To the chagrin of her mother, the English teacher: Show! Show!

As she barrels into the big boys' room each morning: Up! Up! (Gosh, they appreciate this!)

So sweet. So fun.


Anonymous said...

That's so great. I still have little scraps of paper with my children's early sayings.

Is 'bow' a command, as the Queen might say to a subject?

Kelly said...

Christine -

Ainsley meant bow as in hair bow, the item she loves to look at, but refused to keep in her hair. I am hoping my persistence will one day pay off.

- Kelly