Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mistah Harbor Fweight

I hope Ainsley turns out to be a Mama’s girl as we have a houseful of Daddy’s boys.

Last night John had reached his limit. He was tired and grouchy and headed for bed. En route to La La Land, John spotted Daddy tinkering with the bathroom sink. You can forget about all plans for slumber when there are tools in use.

The boy who had been wailing and whining was suddenly smiling, perched atop the toilet, making robot fingers with Dave’s ratchet set.

“Wanna help us bix it, Mama?” John asked. “Get some tools. We bought them at Mistah Harbor Fweight.”

Mistah Harbor Fweight.

For the uninitiated  -- you fortunate few -- Harbor Freight is a deep discount tool store that for some with a mechanical bent might more accurately be known simply as crack. Yes, it’s  that addictive.

Dave and John have enjoyed many a trip to Mistah Harbor Fweight. We have a plethora of free flashlights to prove it. Their latest trip snagged a trap for the mysterious rodents drilling holes in our backyard.

“We bought a jail for da mouse,” John informed me. To his delight, we netted the mouse on the first try.

So Dave dismantled the sink as a contented John sat nearby, played with tools, and chatted. At 10:15 Dave held out a pair of Spiderman slippers wondering if they fit John. Seems they needed to make a quick run to the Hard Work Store (a term Kolbe coined years ago).  Alas, Mistah Harbor Fweight was closed. So John, outfitted in Spiderman slippers and Batman jammies, took off with Dave to the Big Box up the street. There John enjoyed trying out the riding lawn mowers and building another memory of time spent with his favorite person.

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