Monday, March 28, 2011

Quite a Gift

Ainsley's longest sentence to date? I want a purse.

She also loves books, so I'm not raising a complete Barbie Doll.

My friend Rachel penned a  sweet piece about all  she loves about having a daughter.

I concur 100%.

I love the pink, the shoes, the bows (worn or not!), the dresses, the cuddliness.

I love that she's turning into a book worm just like her mother.

I love her.

I had Ainsley after fully anticipating that my child bearing days were over. I was so very, very grateful for my precious boys. Between my age and the fact that it had taken us six years to produce John, I didn't dare to hope for another.

But God had other plans, better plans.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have loved having a daughter as well. (I'll just warn you that there may come a day when she won't tolerate pink any longer. It happened suddenly with my daughter at about age 11.)

Kelly said...

My three nieces were so prissy and fun to dress, but there came a day when cool began to trump cute. Then came other days when they may or may not have been a tad snarly.

I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

How's the new school?

Anonymous said...

In my daughter's case, cool hasn't been her objective but I think she did sincerely have a slow pink overdose. Today was the last day of the old school and then my daughter has a very nice long break until after Easter! It will good to have time to recuperate. Thanks for asking!