Monday, March 12, 2012

Are We All Springing Forward?

Coffee's coming, Dolly. Coffee's coming.
It's time for my semi-annual rant against Benjamin Franklin, the great mind behind Daylight Savings Time.

Note to the long-deceased Ben: Mothers of toddlers don't want to save daylight; we want our kids to s-l-e-e-p!

Without fail, Daylight Savings hits just after I've found a happy place with the little ones and routinely have them reading stories around 7:00 and peacefully slumbering the night away by 7:30. Enter Daylight Savings Time. They stay up later and -- gets this, Ben! --  they wake up earlier. And they're really, really mean.

So my friend Christine mailed me a copy of  the happiest mom. I pull it out thinking I'll enjoy a chapter or two over my morning Joe when I'm interrupted by a chorus of whining.

John, emerging with circles under his eyes: I can't find my m-i-l-k! Where's my m-i-l-k!

Ainsley, bight-eyed and bushy-tailed, but just as cranky: I wanna brush ma t-e-e-t-h! I wanna brush ma t-e-e-t-h! I wanna brush ma t-e-e-t-h!

Me, clinging to my coffee: You need to go back to b-e-d! You need to go back to b-e-d!

For the moment, I'm not the happiest mom, and -- believe me -- they're not the happiest kids.

Meanwhile, the older two will want to sleep until noon.  No rhyme or reason to this madness. And they'll wake up nasty, too! Go figure.

In partial defense of Ben, he also invented bifocals. For this I'm grateful.


Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement Kelly. Daylight savings time is AWFUL, especially for those of us with children. My baby slept especially awful, and the 2 older boys were hard to wake up this morning. We just let the 4 year old sleep in a little hoping she won't be quite as grouchy! God bless, Laura A.

Kelly said...

How is it that kids who wake early are grouchy and so are the ones who wake up late?


Have a good day!

Pray for Helene - I think she's in labor!

Christine Laennec said...

We have another two weeks to go until we lurch into "British Summer Time". The effects are identical, however.