Friday, March 30, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

What a week!

1. I've all but abandoned my "no bail out" policy where kids and forgotten items are concerned. For years I've steadfastly refused to take the quick jaunt up the road to deliver the forgotten lunch or the P.E. clothes left behind. I've just returned from delivering two wooden guns, one sling shot, a three cornered hat, and a few dozen chocolate coins.  I even ran to the store to buy the coins. Why am I caving? House guests, an ever-changing soccer schedule, late hours spent tackling loads of homework -- I am suddenly a model of sympathy, particularly for my hard-working eight grader. I still didn't deliver the forgotten P.E. clothes, but, Tim, my friend, I bailed you out on the gold coins.

2. It's going to be 89 degrees today. I am choosing not to dwell on this fact.

3. I'm fairly certain this has the busiest week of our year -- even, I think, considering the week with eight Christmas events in seven days. It reached a crescendo yesterday as soccer, piano lessons, mountains of laundry, and the finals edits of a research paper all collided with illness that,believe me, had not been pencilled into my day timer. This may explain why I have been eating Nutty Bars with little regard for the calories or the liturgical season. The pace will grind to a halt today long about 5:00. Easter vacation is upon us.

4. John to me: You know, Mama. Bubbles would really give me happiness.

5. John to Ainsley: Sorry, Ainsley. You have to be fourteen to use the bubbles.

6. Ainsley to John: Waaaaaahhhhhh!

7. Mama to the Nutty Bars: you are my friends.

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